Rock Climbing

Andalucia offers many excellent rock climbing venues including the world famous gorge at El Chorro. On your doorstep from La Majada Alta and just 10 kms from Loma la Parra.

Most of the rock climbing within Andalucia is on limestone rock, with the odd crag being either slate or sandstone rock. Virtually all of the routes are bolted though some do require traditional gear such as nuts and cams. With the exception of El Chorro, the routes are mainly single pitch, with the odd 2 or 3 pitch route available.

The rock climbing area of El Chorro consists of a huge gorge, which offers some fantastic rock climbing with its own unique atmosphere. Here alone there are over 650 routes, at all grades and up to 10-pitches long.

There is an excellent climbing school 10 minutes walk from La Majada Alta cottage and 15 minutes drive from Loma la Parra country house.

The school is run by Tobias and his excellent team of qualified guides and instructors. The picture below is of Tobias on a visit to La Majada Alta.

There are courses for beginners as well as coaching for experienced climbers and special ‘taster’ days for the uninitiated. Climbing is available for children from 12 years old with parental permission and good quality, internationally approved equipment is made available for you by the school. You will also be able to use the covered climbing wall and slackline.

Whether you choose a one day trial to add to your holiday fun or a full week or more of climbing instruction, please let us know your requirements and we will help you to organise your holiday adventure.

Contact Tobias and Grit through their website: